Special Education


Students with disabilities will be participating in our educational program. Daily Functional Subjects include: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Curriculum has been designed to increase student vocabulary in functional and daily living activities in the skill areas of: reading, writing, computation and communication as directed by the content area of Common Core Standards and California Alternative Placement Assessments.

Class rules are stated in the positive. Students are expected to: follow directions, say good words, keep their hands/feet to self, and use a quiet and respectful voice. These expectations focus on attitude and behavior. Communication will be discussed daily and posted in class and on Board Maker Studio Picture Symbols implemented by staff.

Students will be assigned adapted text from Reading A-Z, Edhelper, News-2-You, Symbol World, Unique, Attainment, Brain pop and other recommended websites for Special Academic instruction. Other educational resources consist of: pictures and visuals from Board Maker Studio, Grade Level and High Interest books and magazines. Learning tools in the classroom will include: the Promethean board, netbooks, music for Brain Gym exercises, books on tape/CDs, and project work consisting of painting, beading, and using different colors and textures.

Students participate in a school raffle and token economy for following the class rules and doing their class assignments. At the end of the week students can spend their class money at the student store.

We also participate in Community Based Instruction (CBI) in the local community. Students work on several functional life skills such as ordering and eating in a restaurant, crossing the street, and riding the city bus with staff instruction and instructional intervention which his based on the student's Inpidual Education Plan (IEP). Our students need to learn the necessary skills to live, work, and enjoy recreational/leisure activities to prepare them for vocational and self-advocacy skills in their natural environment.

Parents, I am looking forward to working with you and your child.


Elana Mora

(Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Program)

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